2014    Master’s Award in Development Studies 2nd Prize

UniPID – Finnish University Partnership for International Development and the Finnish Society for Development Research awarded Kukka Ranta the 2014 Master’s Award in Development Studies 2nd Prize: “Ranta’s study reveals how the international politics on fishing also have an impact on emigration, on understanding environmental sustainability and on reaching the Millennium Development Goals. The ethnological method applied has demanded intensive commitment to the life situations of the fishers and innovativeness in interviewing. Ranta’s study highlights the importance of intercultural dialogue and necessity of fieldwork. For this positive endeavour, Ranta’s study delivers an outstanding qualification.”


2012    Good Development Prize

The Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU Kehys awarded Kukka Ranta & Emma Kari for the significant work in promoting policy coherence for development with their non-fiction pictorial book Kalavale (Into kustannus 10/2012).

2012    Finalist for Nature Book of the Yearwwf-logo

WWF Finland nominated the non-fiction pictorial book Kalavale by Emma Kari & Kukka Ranta as one of the three finalist for the “Nature Book of the Year 2012“.

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