Photo story: ROBBED SEA

Nonfiction books, articles, photo reports, master thesis, exhibitions, debates and awards on my work about consequences of overfishing in West Africa. Industrial overfishing, led by leading world fish markets EU and China and many times done illegally, is destroying livelihood and food security of one of the world’s poorest people.

Local fishermen and coastal communities have impoverished rapidly around West Africa. At the same time when fish stocks collapsed in Senegal in 2005, about 5000 and year later almost 32,000 West Africans fled poverty to the Canary Islands in wooden handmade boats that the fishermen couldn’t afford to use anymore with hope of a better future in Europe. Some 6000 drown on their way. Most of the migrants were from Senegal or Mauritania, the EU ’s two biggest fisheries agreement partners.


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