Oppimisen tulevaisuus OppimisenTulevaisuus-Gaudeamus
Hannu Savolainen, Risto Vilkko & Leena Vähäkylä (edit.)
Gaudeamus 10/2017
The Future of Learning book includes an article by Yrjö Engeström, Kukka Ranta, Juhana Rantavuori & Mikael Brunila: Oppiminen tuottavissa yhteiskunnallisissa liikkeissä (Learning in Productive Social Movements) -article in the book series Tutkitusti.


Kehityksen tutkimus: Johdatus perusteisiin
Juhani Koponen, Jari Lanki, Mariko Sato & Anna Kervinen (edit.):
Gaudeamus (2/2016)
Development Research – Introduction to the Basics” a study handbook.
Article by Kukka Ranta in the Chapter Global Governance, Development and Power (written by professor Juhani Koponen), Box 14.2. ”Talk to us, not about us” on how social movements empower oppressed poor people to gain more rights in the local level.

Suomalainen kalasoppa
Kukka Ranta cacfa-lp10_suomalainen_kalasoppa
 Long Play 10/2013
Finnish Fish Soup‘ e-book, a narrative story on overfishing under policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and about problems caused by industrial trawlers in the largest lake in Finland, lake Saimaa.

Kalavale − Tyhjenevä meri ja ihmiset sen rannoilla
Emma Kari & Kukka Ranta
Into Kustannus 10/2012Awarded 2012
Fish tales – Emptying oceans and people left ashore‘, a non-fiction book with documentary photography by Kukka Ranta about social and environmental consequences of overfishing in Finland, EU, West Africa and rest of the world (Read for free here).

Sijoiltaan menneet   – kulutuksen häätämä elämä
Edit. Kati Pietarinen
 Siemenpuusäätiö & Into Kustannus 10/2012.sijoiltaanmenneet
Dislocated – The Living evicted by Consumption’
Article & documentary photography by Kukka Ranta
“Ryöstökalastuksen köyhdyttämät”  (p. 26-39) on consequences of EU overfishing in West Africa. (Read for free here)

Muutaman töhryn tähden
Mikael Brunila, Kukka Ranta & Eetu Viren
Into Kustannus 10/2011
For a Few Graffitis More‘ book is about social and spatial consequences of zero tolerance against graffiti and growth of violent private security in the City of Helsinki paid by the public money. Photographs by Kukka Ranta.


INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: The Guardian, UK / Der Freitag, Germany / Greenpeace Magazine, Germany / Mask Magazine, New York USA / National Geographic, Netherlands / Periódico Diagonal magazine, Spain / De Correspondent, Netherlands.

MEDIA IN FINLAND: Suomen Kuvalehti magazine / Image magazine / Yle News / Ulkopolitiikka magazine – Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs / Long Play publisher /  Maailman Kuvalehti magazine / Journalisti magazine / Kepa – Service Centre for Development Cooperation / Kehitys-Utveckling magazine by Development Communications of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland / Voima magazine / Le Monde Diplomatique magazine / Peruste magazine by the Left Forum / Kansan Uutiset newspaper / Turun Sanomat newspaper / Kaleva newspaper / Savon Sanomat newspaper / Etelä-Saimaa newspaper / Kouvolan Sanomat newspaper / Kymen Sanomat newspaper / Kirkko & Kaupunki newspaper / Amnesty Finland magazine / Ylioppilaslehti Finnish student newspaper / Yliopisto magazine / Helsinki University Bulletin / Avek Magazine of the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture / Basso magazine / Tulva magazine / Ny Tid magazine / Libero magazine / Kulttuurivihkot magazine / Rauhan Puolesta magazine / Romano Boodos magazine by Romano Missio / Natur och Miljö magazine / Tidningen Brand magazine in Sweden / Megafoni webpage / global.finland webpage by Development Communications of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland / Ihmisiä muuttoliikkeessä webpage by the Refugee Advice Centre.

MEDIA COLLABORATION WITH ORGANIZATIONS: Amnesty International, Finland / European Centre for Development Policy Management, HQ Maastricht, Netherlands / Finnish League for Human Rights (FLHR), HQ Helsinki / Finn Church Aid, Changemaker Finland / The Black Fish, HQ Amsterdam, Netherlands / Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, HQ Geneva, Switzerland / Open Dialog Foundation, HQ Warsaw, Poland / WWF, Finland.


Robbed Sea – The consequences of the  EU fisheries agreements in West Africa for the local Food Security and Livelihood in Senegal. Master Thesis including documentary photographs by Kukka Ranta, Development Studies, Department of Political and Economic Studies, with a grade of Magna cum laude approbatur (M), University of Helsinki, December 2013. Awarded 2014.

The Impacts of the Bosnian war on Female Trafficking in the Balkans during the 1990s. Bachelor Thesis, General History, Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, with a grade of 4/5, University of Helsinki, December 2007.


Kehityksen tutkimus: Johdatus perusteisiinKehityksenTutkimus-kirja
Juhani Koponen, Jari Lanki, Mariko Sato & Anna Kervinen (edit.)

Gaudeamus (2/2016)
Development Research – Introduction to the Basics” a study handbook.
Photograph by Kukka Ranta in the Chapter 12. Conflicts, Security and Development by Lalli Metsola.

The Illegal Fishing and Organized Crime Nexus: theblackfish_GI_FishingCrime2015_Cover_KukkaRanta
Illegal Fishing as Transnational Organized Crime
The Black Fish & Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime
April 13th, 2015

The cover photo and illustration partly by Kukka Ranta.

Suomen romanien historia
Panu Pulma (edit.) SuomenRomanienHistoria
The Finnish Literature Society SKS 2012.
History of the Finnish Roma‘ book
Photo-illustration by Kukka Ranta, p. 266 in the Chapter Uusia tulijoita (New Comers) written by Miika Tervonen and Anca Loredana Enache p. 255-268.

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