Development Research book

A new book Kehityksen tutkimus. Johdatus perusteisiin (Development Research. Introduction to Basics), edited by Juhani Koponen, Jari Lanki, Mariko Sato & Anna Kervinen, was published on 11.2.2016 at the Development Research Day 2016 Conference, by GAUDEAMUS Helsinki University Press.

Photograph by Kukka Ranta in 2014 in East Jerusalem, published in the Chapter 12. Conflicts, Security and Development written by Lalli Metsola.

Doctoral Student Kukka Ranta, working at the Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning CRADLE, wrote an article for the Chapter Global Governance, Development and Power written by professor Juhani Koponen with a title ”Talk to us, not about us” on the power of social movements empowering oppressed poor people in South Africa; how to gain more rights in the local level with an example of the shack-dwellers’ movement Abahlali baseMjondolo based in Durban. The article is based on the Learning in Productive Social Movements project, headed by Professor Yrjö Engestöm.



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