Photo Story: Silenced Voices from Kazakhstan

Shetpe, Kazakhstan 2012.I was invited to participate in a Human Rights Observation Mission in Kazakhstan during Oct-Nov 2012 in collaboration with the Open Dialog Foundation. With international group we visited in the former capital Almaty and in Oil-Rich Western Region in Aktau, Zhanaozen and Shetpe.

The mission was realized less than year after a decimation of local oil workers. The Kazakh authorities eliminated a long-lasting strike movement by shooting, beating, torturing, raping and harassing hundreds of people who were demanding better salaries and labour rights in a very poor region with rich natural resources. Fear, sorrow and spying police were still very strongly present in the atmosphere.

Articles & photos published in Voima magazine 16.4.013: Niinistö, älä unohda ihmisoikeuksia!, Open Dialog Foundation: Mr. President, remember about human rights!, Suomen Kuvalehti magazine 11.3.2013: Kazakstan: Media syyllinen ääriajatteluun, Suomen Kuvalehti magazine 10/2013: Kansa kuriin, Kukka Ranta & Oksana Tšelyševa, Voima magazine 2/2013: Öljyn valtakunta.

Photography Exhibition “Silenced Voices” in Fiskars, Finland as part of the group exhibition SPARK / KIPINÄ, 12 May – 15 September 2013.


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