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blogit.image.fi 17.10.2016 | Kuvat ja teksti: Kukka Ranta

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Maailman Kuvalehti 1/2016 | Teksti: Kukka Ranta & Mikael Brunila | Kuvat: Kukka Ranta


Maailman Kuvalehti 1/2016


Resisting the next wave of real estate speculation in Spain

ROAR Collective on October 22, 2015 | By Marc Font and Gemma Garcia, collaboratively translated by Melissa García and Desiree Fields. Photo by Kukka Ranta.

A new speculative bubble may be taking shape as global investment firms buy devalued real estate in Spain. Will they beat a new path of dispossession?


Resisting the next wave of real estate speculation in Spain, an article first published in La Directa and after translated to ROAR Magazine including further background and analysis for readers not familiar with the crisis in Spain.
Read more: roarmag.org

The Asylum Issue

Mask Magazine October 2015 #21 | Cover Photo Kukka Ranta


On the cover Palestinian girl reading in occupied East Jerusalem after her house was bulldozed to the ground by Israeli soldiers. Photo by Finnish freelance journalist and photographer Kukka Ranta. Interview with photographer to follow.

Check out the interview with Kukka published on November 3rd, 2015 including many photos along the road:maskmagazine-kukkaranta-112015

Koti New Yorkissa – jos hyvin käy

Yliopisto-lehti 7/2015 | Teksti Mikael Brunila ja Kukka Ranta | Kuvat Kukka Ranta

YLIOPISTOlehti-NewYork-KukkaRanta-MikaelBrunila1 YLIOPISTOlehti-NewYork-KukkaRanta-MikaelBrunila2